H4G 5-min Macbeth Groups

For reference:

GROUP 1: Richmond Ngui, Martin See, Miles Ong, Martin Yu, Ryan De Guzman, Ryann Lim, Luis Unlay, Harvin Sy, Derrick Abadco, Michael Ley, Kevin Banzon, Gregory Tecson, Jedric Lim

GROUP 2: Aldrix Tan, Keanu Yu, Rodger Tan, Jansson Sy, George Cantor, Kevin Ang, Tommy Yuyek, Kenneth Chan, Carl Bolisay, Edric Regalario, Ervin Tung, Stewart Ngo

GROUP 3: Alan Barraza, Vit Del Rosario, Richter Siccion, Jan Siy, Patrick Leung, Antonio Roa, George Go, Alejandro Reynoso, Dong Jun-Shin, Spencer Lim, Gregory Siy, Fritz Lim

IMPORTANT: Please bring copies of  your script for your group members on Monday for rehearsals.

REMINDER: The following people still have not submitted MC1. That’s a 0 if not submitted by Monday – Tommy Yuyek and Alejandro Reynoso


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