5-Minute Macbeth G.R.A.S.P.S.

Goal: Your goal is to present a 5-minute version of the play Macbeth

Role: You and your group are actors, tasked to present a condensed, 5-minute long version of the play Macbeth

Audience: Your audience will be comprised of high school senior students who have just a passing familiarity to the play

Situation: You have been tapped to create and present a 5-minute version of the play “Macbeth,” for a class of H4 seniors who have already discussed the play with their teacher. The purpose of your play is to highlight the important plot moments and lines of the play.

A secondary effect of the 5-minute play is to highlight the longevity and flexibility of Shakespeare’s works.

Performance, Product, and Purpose:

– The class will be divided into 3 to 4 groups
– Your play must last a minimum of 4 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes. You will get a corresponding deduction of 1 point for each 5 seconds the presentation runs under or overtime.
– The play will be performed live in class on a to be decided date
– You have two options for the structure of your play:
1. You may choose to retain the classic Scottish setting of the play and paraphrase the lines creatively (for example, to rap the lines, or to sing the lines) OR
2. You may choose to retain the Shakespearean language of the play but use a different setting, similar to the BBC adaptation (for example, Macbeth in space, Macbeth in Xavier School)
– Everyone in the group must act and say at least 1 line.
– A narrator is an optional role that can be used to transition from one scene to another
– It is up to the group to decide which characters/scenes to drop or shorten or compress, while staying true to the story of Macbeth
– Props are a must, as are costumes, but a backdrop/s is optional
– A script is required on a due date determined by the teacher. The teacher may suggest changes to the script if needed.
– The teacher will assign class periods devoted to rehearsal
– When the group is called upon to perform, they will have a total of 10 minutes to set-up, perform, and then dismantle their set

Standards and Criteria for Success:

– Content of play (60%)
o Acting and voice projection
o Smoothness and transitions
o Use of props and costumes
o Audience reaction
– Creativity (15%)
o Integration of “gimmick”
– Faithfulness to source material (20%)
o Use of setting OR
o Use of Shakespearean language
– Mechanics and submission (5%)
o Submission of script
o Member participation


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