The United Fruit Company Groupwork

Form pairs inside the class.

Answer all questions on a Google Docs Presentation. Each question should merit one slide, answered in complete sentences. You do not need animation or transitions, but pictures would be appreciated (but not too many!).

Source all your answers by placing the website’s url inside a small text box at the bottom of each slide. Do this also with the pictures. Remember, you may not use Wikipedia as a main source, though you can use the links present there.


It is important to understand certain concepts before reading “The United Fruit Company.” This is because the poem’s setting is quite exotic, and certain concepts might escape you upon initial reading.

  1. Who is Pablo Neruda?
  2. What is a banana republic?
  3. Who are Trujillo, Tachos, Carias, Martinez and Ubico?
  4. What is liberation theology?


  1. Which of the 8 elements of poetry are present in the poem? Give examples of each (use 1 slide per element).
  2. Who is the speaker of the poem?
  3. What is the message of the poem?

Making Connections

  1. What connections can you make between this poem and the history of the Philippines?
  2. Does the situation in the poem still exist in modern times?  Where?

Submit the Google Doc presentation by sharing the link with by the end of the period and prepare for a quiz next week.


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